Digital Printing Company

Have you ever imagined a life without print? The chances are remote that you have ever been through a single day without reading some stuff or the other, be it some important news in the newspaper or reading a piece about the latest in folk music in a magazine. Your business too depends heavily on the print media. Nearly all of us have laser printers or inkjets in our homes and offices. However, their cost per output page, mainly when the ink covers more than 10% of the page, is extremely high. It is in such situations that the digital printing company comes to your rescue. Whether you want 1,000 copies of a pamphlet printed or just 25 booklets showing off your latest products, you can depend on those companies to offer you coloured printing at extremely affordable rates. You might argue that you can rely on the offset press for your printing jobs. Visit one such press and tell its staff that you want 100 copies of your company's brochure printed. He will explain why it is cost-prohibitive to go for this method of printing for such a small print run.

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Offset versus digital printing company

Offset is fine when you want to print several thousand copies of a publication, but is not affordable for small quantity printing. Also, offset printing requires the matter given by you to go through a long and tedious process before the printing can stand. The personnel of the printing company might have to reload your text and graphics into a different program and reformat its alignment before they can proceed further with the printing process. Things are different when you opt for the digital route. You can ask your in-house professional to design the brochures or the product display booklets, edit the same until you are fully satisfied, and then convert the text and graphics into a .pdf file, and send it to the digital printer as an email attachment. Your staff can also load the .pdf file into a USB drive and hand over the same to the operator of the digital printing press. The operator will transfer the file from the USB drive into his computer, take some actions such as selecting the number of copies to be printed, whether the paper alignment should be portrait or landscape and issue the print order. Expect to get the printed copies in less than an hour for several hundred copies of your brochure at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.